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    The best quality materials used to create the perfect sign for you.

Led Neon is a new technology that replicates NEON lights. Led Neon Light is made up of Led lights strip that is encapsulated in a Silicone or a coloured PVC with an opaque layer to make a uniform glow that mimics a traditional neon tube. 

The desired shape, design or element is glued to an acrylic background, the light source can be viewed mainly from the front. It can not be installed on a different material or directly to a wall, there will always be a transparent or colored acrylic background.

LED NEON LIGHTS is now the new trend and best choice in Signage’s and used worldwide due to its enormous characteristics. Some of them are:- flexibility, easy to install, Robust, with Life span of 2 to 3 years and less expensive than traditional neon very thin wiring between the letters. However, the Led strips cant be fixed if it stop working partially. LED strip encapsulated in a silicone or PVC jacket to diffuse the many point of light into a uniform glow that replicates a traditional NEON light.

LED lights are perfect for events, parties or to elevate your pop-up stand to the next level and make sure all the attention is on you!
We can provide self standing bracket if you don’t have a wall to display your piece.