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Camera Neon Signs

Size: 65×40 cm
Available in all colours


  • Premium quality

    The best quality materials used to create the perfect sign for you.

  • One year warranty

    Replacement or fixing facility in case of damage during transit or usage.

  • Fast Shipping

    The best quality materials used to create the perfect sign for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have my own design/logo. Can I get it customised into a neon sign?

Yes, we can customise your logo or any design into a neon sign. Please reach out to us on WhatsApp at and send us your logo, reference image, or design and we will share a virtual mockup of the neon sign with you.

How long do a light last?

LED: 40-50,000 hours, or 2-3 years if left on 24/7. Of course you can extend the life of your LED neon greatly if it’s not on all day and night.

How much do they weight?

LED and NEON are surprisingly light! On average, our signs weight 5 kg.

Do you do free standing sign?

Yes! Just let us know the requirement and we can come up with solution that will suit your project

Can I have a font you don’t offer?

Most likely! We can use other specified fonts. Please bear in mind LED and NEON is monoline –
therefore fonts with variations in thickness i.e. hand painted styles, can’t be replicated precisely.
If you send us a font reference that has variation in thickness, we will hand draw new lettering
based on the reference given in the style given.
Otherwise you can send us any designs or logo and we can make it as well! so we can pretty much do anything :)

How long will it take to deliver my neon sign?

All our unique neon signs are handmade after your order is received. Standard orders take 10-14 working days, Express Orders take 4-6 working days to deliver. You can select the shipping
method at checkout.

If I customize a sign using the online neon sign maker, what will be its exact size?

The size of your customised neon sign depends on the font you choose. But generally, the height
of our large signs is between 14-16 inches and the medium signs are around 11-13 inches. The
length of the sign is determined by the number of letters and fonts that you use. For further
details, you can refer to our size chart.

What are the small marks on my sign?

Since our neon signs are handmade, sometimes there are small marks on the acrylic or glue
marks where the PVC tube has been attached to the acrylic. In these rare instances where the
marks are evident, they are always minor and invisible when the sign is switched on.

Does the neon sign buzz?

Nope! Bees buzz, neon signs don’t

How do I make sure that I mount my neon sign in a safe and secure manner?

Installation is always done best in a small group! Even though the weight of our high-quality
neon signs is on the lighter side, we still recommend that you take the help of 1 or 2 people so
that it doesn’t fall. Moreover, please ensure that the neon sign is mounted securely before
plugging and using it.

Can you have quality LED neon signs without the cords?

Our signs come with a slim transparent cable which is required to power the neon sign. A few customers have hidden these by hard-wiring the cable into the wall with the help of an electrician